Gref family
The members of the Gref family have greatly contributed to the evolution of the motorcycle industry and still today, we can count on their active implication in the field.

Edouard Gref
The birth of a 4th generation of motorcyclists
In December 1999 a fourth generation of Gref was born, a great-grandson named Edouard. Son of Charles Jr., he is the pride and joy of his grandfather Raymond. Who knows, the fruit of this long awaited birth might even take over the family business someday? One thing is certain: Edouard is already showing a true interest for this sport so highly coveted within the family.

Charles Gref sr. (1912 - 1999)
Charles Gref sr. (1912 - 1999)
In 1937, a certain Charlie Gref was buying his first motorcycle for transportation. But as the years went by, this motorcycle of his became much more to him than a simple mean of transport, it became a true passion. A few years later, he was seen in the Trial events across Canada and in 1947, he won the Canadian championship in the expert class. From that day on, the Gref name would be associated to Motorcycling. President of the Montreal Motorcycle Club and Director of the Canadian Motorcycle Association (competition control), he continues to bring fire to his passion. However wishing for the Gref name to keep on being associated with the motorcycle field, Charlie made sure he taught his young son Raymond (who was only three at the time) the ABC's of motorcycling.

Raymond Gref 1958
Norton 600 Nomad
Raymond Gref
Following in the footsteps of his father, Raymond Gref also experienced his hour of glory on his motorized vehicle. During his 8 years of competition (from 1955 to 1963), he was only defeated once. Raymond didn't have to worry about the preservation of the family reputation since his younger brother Normand took over. Raymond is the President and the founder of Moto Internationale & Harley-Davidson® Montréal. Since his beginnings in 1955, he has always been very implicated in the field.

Raymond Gref honoured

Normand Gref
Normand Gref
Normand Gref's career was as dazzling as his father's (Charlie) and his brother's (Raymond). He has 153 trophies to show for since he first took place at a starting line. He later gave up his place to Charles Jr. and Richard (Raymond's two sons) who proudly took over by becoming motorcycle champions in their respective categories.
Charles Gref jr.

Charles Gref jr.

Charles Gref jr.

Charles Gref jr.

Charles Gref jr.
Charles also has an impressive story: At 13, he had already won 4 trophies. In 1976 and 1977, he won the Miller trophy of the S.M.C.C., which is attributed to the best trialist of Eastern Canada, 26 years after his grand-father had won it himself. His experience in motocross, Enduro, acceleration competition as well as snowmobile has also earned him some Provincial and Canadian titles. As the president since 2001, Charles has successfully contributed to the growth of the family business.

Richard Gref
Richard Gref
Due to his great aptitudes, Richard has mainly distinguished himself in the road race competitions He quickly made a name for himself on the amateur and expert circuits and was considered at the time as a fearful adversary. Today, he runs his own production company through which he remains very implicated in the motorcycle field.
Moto Internationale and Harley-Davidson® Montreal are above everything else a history of the love affair between it's President and founder Mr. Raymond Gref and motorcycles.

The original and modest enterprise that was known as Gref Moteur Sport in Chicoutimi owes its expansion to aggressive endeavours in importation, distribution and mergers with other enterprises. This has evolved to a national and international corporation, which today houses 2 manucfacturers' products under one roof, namely:

BMW and Harley-Davidson®

Since 1958, it's the passion, the hard work, the dedication and the perseverance that have made Moto Internationale and Harley-Davidson® Montreal the #1 motorcycle dealership in Canada.
5 Star Prestige Dealer
The concept of "5 Star Prestige Dealer" is based on the quality of the customer service and of the merchandise which is offered to the Moto Internationale customers. "5 star prestige dealer" stands for the excellence available within each division of our company. In fact, when displaying ourselves as "5 Star Prestige Dealer", Moto Internationale commits to offer the best service in each of its departments:
  • Sale of new and pre-owned motorcycles
  • Short term motorcycle rentals
  • Sale of new and recycled parts and accessories
  • A clothing and accessories boutique for the enthusiast and the amateur
  • Complete mechanical and transformation services
  • In house financing and insurance
  • Storage
  • Around the world shipping
  • After sales services
  • Sales department of new and used motorcycles

5 Star Prestige Dealer also stands for a proud, dynamic, experimented and competent team who's common goal is: TO BE #1 IN THE MOTORCYCLE FIELD

Moto Internationale and Harley-Davidson® Montreal have been occupying the first rank in Canada for many years now, and are considered throughout the motorcycle industry as one of the biggest in the world.

Leader in the motorcycle, parts and accessories retail sales, we are also known for having designed several custom home edition models, such as the Harley-Davidson® Montreal Lowboy. Our aggressive marketing plays a great part in our success and has earned us many different distinctions throughout the past years such as:


The Trev Deeley Bronze Merit Award for Eastern Canada 2003 was presented to Harley-Davidson® Montreal – it was bestowed upon the dealer whose overall performance achieved Harley-Davidson’s® bronze standards of excellence for Eastern Canada.

The Regional Buell® Merit Award for Eastern Canada 2003 was presented to Harley-Davidson Montreal® – it was bestowed upon the dealer whose overall performance achieved the highest Buell’s® standards of excellence for Eastern Canada.

Considered as Canada's best Canadian dealer in sales, service as well as the parts & accessories department.

Prize for the largest volume as well as the highest customer satisfaction rate in Canada.

Prize for the best dealer in Quebec for 5 consecutive years as well as the second best dealer for the year 2000

Price for the best service in the greater Montreal area as well as the Gold prize for sales

Prize of excellence in recognition of the exceptional sales and customer service.

In 1996, Moto Internationale and Harley-Davidson® Montreal made the cover of the October '96 issue of "Dealernews". The names of Raymond Gref, Moto Internationale and Harley-Davidson® Montreal can also be related to advertisments for companies such as Air Canada En Route, Bell Canada, ITT Commercial Finance, to name a few.

In 1997, Molson Breweries associated themselves with Moto Internationale to launch a Provincial publicity campaign.

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