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  • Saturday, May 7, 2016     GS CHALLENGE | LA CLASSIQUE
  • Saturday, May 28, 2016     TOY RUN | BLESSING OF THE BIKES
  • Tuesday, June 7, 2016     DEMO RIDE

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    Montréal, QC
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Customer Feedback

Hello Todd, thanks for your support in my purchase of the 2015 BMW R1200GS. If you had not given me the extra money for the Slim I think I would not have be able to complete the deal. You bring a real approach to business and that is refreshing. With you personal skills and sales knowledge it is hard not to like and respect you. Todd, thanks for your great service and only the best for you...
Bill2015-08-11 09:28:16
Hello André, Thanks for the superb service, completing the purchase of my new R1200GS in one day! That was great, you're a pro and it was good to do business with you! Put 100+ km on the bike, rode in road and dynamic modes, adjusted the handle bars up 10 degrees. Bike is amazing! I never thought a 2015 R1200GS could pull a wheelie at 105 KM an hour. Just kidding. This is a different world, the GS is an amazing bike and have figured out most of the gadgets and how to set them up. There was no sleep last night. Thanks again!
Bill2015-08-07 12:09:44
After 1 400 km in the saddle, I have to say that this bike surpasses the best one I have ever ridden, my 1200RT. I have ridden it on highways, backroads, gravel and grass. This GSA is light as a feather, agile like a ballerina and powerful like a draft horse. It is rare you will come across a bike that excels in all terrain and situation. With this GSA, I can say you don't have to compromise on anything !!! I am seriously impressed, thank you for the introduction to the truly Best Motorcycle in the World.
Anonymous2015-06-22 13:49:37
Two weeks ago, my motorcycle was leaking gasoline. I came in at around 15:30 and asked for service since I had an emergency. This was a Friday and the service department was fully booked. However, since it was an emergency, they inserted me in the line-up and my motorcycle was looked after the same day. My motorcycle was repaired and I was able to drive home that evening. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the service people for the extra they have done for me. They could have simply told me to leave the motorcycle and return the next day (Saturday). I also wish to express my appreciation to your head instructor that took me in, bought me a coffee and rinsed my shoe, which was full of gasoline. This type of care for your customers is exceptional and greatly appreciated. Again, thank you to the whole team!
Yves2015-05-19 08:32:10
Hello, I want to thank you for having serviced my BMW. I picked it up on the weekend and it looked like a brand new motorcycle! It has never been cleaner than when it left your shop! Best regards, Peter.
Peter2014-04-14 11:11:55
Love it! Benoit is the best!
David2014-01-31 12:53:09


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